Who is the Main Character in GTA 6? Dissecting the Dynamic Duo in Rockstar’s Highly Anticipated GTA 6

Who is the Main Character in GTA 6?

In the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto VI, or GTA 6 for short, rumors indicate that the main characters will be a criminal duo consisting of Jason and Lucia. GTA 6 is still in development by Rockstar Games and not much is officially known about the plot or protagonists.

However, leaks and insider information have provided some potential details about who is the main character in GTA 6.

Main Character in GTA 6

Jason and Lucia Take Center Stage

The two main protagonists that have been discussed are a male character named Jason and a female character named Lucia. It’s speculated that the story in GTA 6 will follow these criminal duo as they navigate the fictional city of Vice City, which is said to be a modernized version of Miami, Florida.

Players may have the unique ability to switch between Jason and Lucia’s perspectives to experience missions and advance the narrative from multiple angles. This would allow for a dynamic storytelling experience unlike previous GTA titles that focused on a single playable character.

Differences Between the Duo

While teaming up, Jason and Lucia have distinct personalities and approaches that could lead to both cooperation and conflict between them. Lucia is thought to be the younger of the two but possesses a level of emotional maturity and street smarts beyond her years. As a female protagonist, she would offer a new perspective to the GTA series.

Jason, on the other hand, is rumored to be more reckless and impulsive without Lucia’s wisdom. Their romantic relationship forms a Bonnie and Clyde dynamic between the short-tempered but clever Lucia and the reckless yet protective Jason. How their clashing traits influence choices and consequences could shape unique storylines for each character.

A Modern Vice City Setting

The rumored location of Vice City, inspired by Miami, provides an exciting backdrop for criminal activities in GTA 6. From lavish South Beach to the downtown skyscrapers and bustling port, a reimagined Vice City opens possibilities for heists, races, and underground operations. Players can experience the glamour and greed of Miami nightlife or navigate grittier urban areas as Jason and Lucia establish their criminal empire. With a setting that captures the pulse of a modern metropolis, the GTA 6 could provide an expansive virtual world to explore numerous illegal ventures and escalating underworld conflicts.

Dynamic Multi-Protagonist Storytelling

Allowing players to seamlessly switch between Jason and Lucia is a narrative approach unlike previous GTA titles. This element may grant more agency and variety to how individual stories unfold. Players can fully immerse themselves in one character’s criminal exploits before gaining new perspective from their partner-in-crime.

Based on choices made, consequences like relationship changes or differing endings could branch the story in multiple directions. The dynamic storytelling also has potential for more nuanced character development as players experience each protagonist’s conflicting motives, loyalties, and moral codes up close during their criminal rise in Vice City.


In conclusion, the rumored main characters Jason and Lucia in the highly anticipated GTA 6 could introduce new dimensions to the classic GTA formula with their distinct personalities and perspectives. A modern Vice City setting perfectly captures the pulse of its real-world inspiration and provides endless opportunities for criminal ventures. The dynamic storytelling approach of seamlessly switching between these protagonists has exciting potential to craft branching narratives and more nuanced character development. Only time will tell how Rockstar brings these characters to life, but the prospect of playing as both a male and female protagonist in the same world already promises to elevate the series to new heights.


Will there be significant differences in the gameplay styles of Jason vs Lucia?

While still speculative, it’s possible that Jason may favor more aggressive approaches like gunplay while Lucia utilizes stealthier tactics. Their unique skills could also branch mission strategies and unlock different abilities.

How will players switch between characters in the open world and missions?

Similar to games like GTA 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2, it’s assumed players can freely change perspectives with a button prompt. Missions may also allow dynamic switching or separate storylines for more tailored experiences as either Jason or Lucia.