Where is GTA 6 Located? Exploring Vice City and Beyond

According to official announcements from Rockstar and Take-Two Interactive, GTA 6 will be located in Vice City, a fictional version of Miami and its surroundings. In answering the question Where is GTA 6 Located?’’ the first paragraph establishes that this blog post will explore the rumored location of Vice City for the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto sequel.

GTA 6 Located

Where is GTA 6 Located?

A Massively Large Map Centered Around Vice City

The game is set to take place in a modern-day rendition of Vice City, with the map seeping into the surrounding swamps based on Florida’s Everglades. Reports indicate that the map will be massively large, beautiful, ultra-dense, and full of places to explore in Vice City. With its focus on Vice City, GTA 6 promises to transport players to the sun-soaked streets of an iconic open world reminiscent of 1980s Miami.

Surrounding States Like Georgia to Feature Heavily

The game is also expected to feature surrounding states, mainly Georgia. By including surrounding areas like Georgia, the GTA 6 map aims to provide an unparalleled level of immersion by allowing players to roam well beyond the boundaries of Vice City itself. This expanded scope will give players an even more extensive playground to cause mayhem in as they explore both Vice City and its environs.

More Interiors Than Ever Before

Rockstar plans for GTA 6 to have more interiors than ever before. By increasing the number of enterable interiors, Vice City will feel that much more alive and lived in. Players can expect to duck into countless shops, restaurants, apartments and more across the sprawling city. This level of interior access will help strengthen the sense that Vice City is a fully realized virtual world just waiting to be explored.

A Continually Evolving Vice City World

Rockstar plans to continue developing GTA 6’s world even after the game’s release. This ongoing support means that Vice City will remain a dynamic and ever-changing setting. New areas, missions, and events can be added to keep drawing players back into the vibrant streets of Vice City for years to come. This commitment to long-term support ensures that no two experiences of Vice City will ever be exactly the same.

In conclusion, by being set in the massively expanded and meticulously detailed open world of Vice City, GTA 6 looks to deliver the most ambitious and engaging entry in the legendary franchise yet. Vice City promises to transport players to a living, breathing digital Miami ripe for both criminal adventures and simple exploration. With its expanded scope, focus on interactivity and Rockstar’s long-term support, Vice City has the potential to become the most fully realized and engaging game world in gaming history. Fans can hardly wait to experience everything the sun-soaked streets of Vice City have in store.

In answering the question “Where is GTA 6 Located?” it is clear that Vice City will provide an unprecedented virtual playground for players to explore and cause mayhem in for years to come.


What is the storyline of GTA 6?

The storyline of GTA 6 is set to revolve around two protagonists, a female character named Lucia, and her male partner, marking a groundbreaking move for the franchise. The game is expected to follow the journey of Lucia and her partner from small-time to big-time criminals, similar to the narrative of previous GTA titles.

Will GTA 6 have multiplayer?

While not officially confirmed, it is highly likely that GTA 6 will include an extensive online multiplayer mode similar to GTA 5. Previous GTA games have found tremendous success and longevity with robust online components. Fans are eagerly anticipating the new multiplayer possibilities that Vice City may bring.